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Akciós irodabútorok - Multibú

Discount furniture

Desk - Multibú


Container - Multibú


Cabinet - Multibú


Rolling chair - Multibú

Rolling chair

Conference table - Multibú

Conference table

Meeting chair - Multibú

Meeting chair

Reception furniture - Multibú

Reception furniture

Kész munkaállomások - Multibú

Kész munkaállomások

Metal cabinets - Multibú

Metal cabinets

Training table - Multibú

Training table

Dining table and dining chair - Multibú

Dining table and dining chair

Customer service, Call-center jobs - Multibú

Customer service, Call-center jobs

Interesting and design furniture - Multibú

Interesting and design furniture

Manager desks and chairs - Multibú

Manager desks and chairs

Safe - Multibú


Home Office - Multibú

Home Office

New office furniture - Multibú

New office furniture

Screens - Multibú


Hangers and wardrobes - Multibú

Hangers and wardrobes

Armchairs and sofas - Multibú

Armchairs and sofas

Office accessories - Multibú

Office accessories

New office furniture - Multibú

New office furniture

RIM office furniture - Multibú

RIM office furniture



You can visit us anytime to see our collection of used furniture.



Selection of used, new-looking office furniture



We also offer the lease of office furniture. Just a price of a coffee!



If needed, we can help you to move used office furniture


We are waiting for our customers with a wide range of used office furniture.
From used desks trough swivel chairs to reception furniture, you will find everything in our show room. Get to know our products and services!


Kinnarps bordó gurulós szék
On sale  -29%
Kinnarps bordó gurulós szék

Sale Price excl. VAT: 24.900 HUF 34.900 HUF
Unit Price incl. VAT: 31.623 HUF

Lekerekített tárgyaló asztal - teleszkóppal
On sale  -50%
Lekerekített tárgyaló asztal - teleszkóppal

Sale Price excl. VAT: 34.950 HUF 69.900 HUF
Unit Price incl. VAT: 44.387 HUF

Indirekt álló lámpa
On sale  -50%
Indirekt álló lámpa

Sale Price excl. VAT: 19.900 HUF 39.900 HUF
Unit Price incl. VAT: 25.273 HUF

Juhar tárgyaló aszal - 4 főre 100 x 100 cm - Új lappal választható színben
On sale  -14%
Juhar tárgyaló aszal - 4 főre 100 x 100 cm - Új lappal választható színben

Sale Price excl. VAT: 59.900 HUF 69.900 HUF
Unit Price incl. VAT: 76.073 HUF

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We buy your office furniture left over from moving, renovation and closing!


„I could furnish the office of my new company with elegant furniture.”

Bálint Nagy

„Helpful and polite service! They also helped me with the planning!”

Ágota Péter

„I only came for a desk and I managed to furnish my office completely (reception, waiting room, hanger, micro and filing too.)”

Marcel Kovács

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Csató Ferenc
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Bódi Gergely
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